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For those of you who are new to my blog my name is Kristin Delgado and I am in the business of helping people achieve there health and wealth goals!

Though I am not at the very top of my business and have several goals to crush, I want to assist you with what has worked for me and share all the techniques I have been studying and now implementing in my social media strategy.

I am a true believer that it is not coincidence that our paths have crossed.  I’m so very excited to be sharing this guide to help you reach out to your prospects on social media. Regardless of what level you are at in your business, these tips and tricks will absolutely help you turn your prospects into customers!

“Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to.  They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them.”- Ruben Chavez

Nothing excites me more than to help others with expanding there skills and give them the confidence to grow there business! Lets be honest no professional network marketer was born with all the knowledge and skills to become who they are! They had to work for it.

We have all had the same hesitations, fears, anxiety, doubts, fear of failure, etc… I can go on and on because even at the level I am at in my business I still tend to be nervous and completely feel like I am going to faint especially when I am about to stand in front of a room of people.  My heart races, my hands get sweaty and 99% of the time I immediately fumble my words around!

I thought I knew it all when it came to social media and boy was I wrong!  Sure I knew how to like a post, comment on a post and even post my own images! Hahaha, but I really did not know a thing about how to use social media as a tool to help grow my business.

We probably have so many contacts, from school to just friends we have met along the way on each of our social media platforms but If your anything like me we only had a select few that we really engage with.  As I was growing my social media posts I was even gaining contacts and followers but thats as far as it went.  I had no idea how to reach out to the contacts that I had not talked to in quite sometime and I definitely had no idea how to reach out to new followers that I did not even know.

I had to go back to the drawing board and be guided by the best mentors our there who has faced these same issues. Lets be honest no one wants to hear all the time product, product, product!! No one wants to be sold something all the time especially if they are not looking for it.  Its like going to a car dealership, OH MYYY GOODNESS, tell me I am not the only one! I hate walking onto the car lot to just browse and you have a sales person creeping up behind you asking you a billion questions! Its like let me look first if I am interested I will come find you.  Okay enough with that rant, my point is NO ONE WANTS TO BE CONSTANTLY SEEING YOUR PRODUCT! I am sure by now they already know you are in some type of business.  People want to relate to you, build relationships, and see your lifestyle. Be who you are and be genuine.

“No one wants to be sold something all the time! Facts tell, stories sell!”

Your probably asking yourself okay well how do I do that, how do I build the confidence and reach out to someone where do I start?  Ask no more!! I have put together a resource that will help guide you.  The Three Message Technique guide, thats its 3 messages!  These messages are intended to engage in conversation with either your warm, hot and even cold market.  Regardless of which market they all work the same.  Now these messages are to just give you some guidance so as I have said before please be genuine and be yourself!

“The scripts are not intended for Sales, extract that from your mind and make them your own.”

You guys got this! I have full confidence you will do great! Put it into action, start now and go crush it!!

As promised here is my downloadable resource to prospect on Social Media!!
Kriado- Prospecting on Social Media



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