Steps to Achieve Daily Success!

Do you have a dream, wish or goal that you want to accomplish.

Do you ever sit at work and wonder I wish I could be sitting on a beach right now living the dream!  Maybe your goals or dreams are not even about success, money or travel maybe it is a smaller goal to just create a new habit or hobby.  Many of us even have goals through out that have to do with our health, diet and weight.  Point is, somewhere down the path of our lives we want to achieve something and often we fear taking the steps to even TRY.

I look into my own life and I have always wanted success, always wanted to be my own boss and do whatever I wanted to do with out someone telling me where I had to be and when I had to be there and most of all have my own voice.  I never thought that was possible especially being a busy mom of five kids, running a household and accomplishing all the things necessary to maintain a career and family.  There was absolutely NO TIME to take the steps that I wanted to take to reach any of the goals necessary.

“Many things are not equal. but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We will make time for what we truly want in life.”

This is in fact is untrue I absolutely had time what I was telling myself was EXCUSES! However, I am asked quite a bit how I do handle all the things.  I want to share with you steps that I take on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to help me stay on track to reaching my goals.  Let me start with saying we all have the same amount of time in a day so let’s leave the excuses at the door that one person has more time than the other.  If  you look at all the successful people in the world they do not have TIME they MAKE TIME.

  1. Staying Organized:  I highly recommend that you completely have organization.  Having an organized work space as well as having organized worksheets, planners etc. is going to help you stay on top of your game.  You become more productive and on track to reaching that goal.  You do not waste time looking for items and more time focusing on what you need to accomplish for that day.
  2. Plan Your Month:  Have a monthly Calendar! It is so important when you are setting a goal you give yourself a time frame on when you are going achieve that goal.  At the start of every month start making a plan, jot down the days you are already booked and when you have open spaces set those days to focus on whatever it is you are trying to achieve.
  3. Plan Your Weeks: As a busy mom of five there is always something going on week to week so I have to not only plan monthly but I have to plan weekly and even DAILY.  Planning my week however does help me visualize my extra days that I have to really book some solid hours in.  Whether its plugging in to meetings, business opportunities, meet ups etc.  It is a great visual.
  4. Daily Planning:  Break your day down by the hour and see what you can let go of to make that extra time for your goals.  For example after blocking out your day and you notice you have a 1/2 hour in between taking kids to practice or in between your next meetings.  Maybe you have an hour of lunch time and/or your favorite show is on TV from 8-9, what will be your priority.  Get rid of watching TV for one hour and handle business.  With working with in those two 1/2 hours in between practice and meetings gives you another hour and working on SOMETHING during your lunch hour you have now given yourself 3 hours of activity that is helping you get closer to your goal.  Consistency is key!!! With that also write down your to do list for the day on top of what your 3 non-negotiable items are.
  5. Affirmations: WRITE THEM DOWN EVERY SINGLE DAY AS YOU ALREADY ACHIEVED THEM! When you start believing in yourself and your goals and knowing it is possible it becomes a reality rather than a dream.  Every morning I write down my affirmations sometimes I even have them staring at me and I read them to myself to remind myself that YES I DID THIS!
  6. Personal Development– I highly recommend dedicating at least 15 min to self development this is going to help you grow as an individual and also help motivate you! If you do not have time to read that’s okay find a podcast that relates to you and your goals and pop it on when your driving from point A to point B this has helps me a lot with my busy schedules.

“A goal with out a plan is just a wish. Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.”

These daily habits have helped me stay on track, now let me just say not everyday is perfect!! So do not stress on yourself, however the key is consistency! If you are practicing these habits daily it becomes more of your routine so make it a priority if you want to be successful. Celebrate your little achievements as well, if this is a practice you are not used to and you dedicate a week of practice celebrate that achievement you are on the right path.  You do not have to achieve your final goal to celebrate success!

To help you get started I have provided you some resources that helped me stay organized with downloadable daily worksheets to keep you on track along with Downloadable Calendars.  You do not need to spend money to start somewhere!

Click the link below to download now.

Good luck and I know you can do it take the step to achieving your goals with a great mindset and dedication anything is possible.