ugh...... The Pain Mothers Endure!!

The things we do for our children…

Especially our unborn children! Okay, I cant not explain the pain that I have encountered these past few weeks with these new injections for progesterone shots.  Let me back up real quick so you all know what the heck I am talking about.


Kristin Delgado 6 Months Pregnant

I am currently 2o weeks pregnant

with baby number five! Yes thats right number five! As shocked as we were on this miracle we are so excited to complete our family! Anyways, my last two pregnancies with my girls were both early 3rd child was due 3 weeks early and 4th baby was due 4 weeks early!  During my fourth pregnancy with my baby girl the doctors had informed me that I needed to take progesterone shots.  For those who are not sure why let me quickly explain, it helps prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Basically, it thickens my uterine wall and helps with keeping baby in!

” As mothers, we do what we have to do to protect our babies no matter what pain that brings!”

With that being said the process was not exciting but tolerable.  I would do weekly injections in my booty cheek and I mean lets keep it real who likes getting injections in there booty! However no worries it was quick and easy and I was able to manage weekly, plus I will do whatever I need to do to keep that baby in.

Fast forward here we are baby number five and at 20 weeks is the ideal time to start with your progesterone injections.  Which again no problem lets do what we have to do.  I go in for my appointment the nurse tells me we have a new and improved way of giving the injection.  Nurse explained that its a smaller needle its quicker and it now can be administered in the back of your arm as well as you can administer yourself our your spouse in the comfort of your home. PERFECT SOUNDS GREAT! 

WHAT IN THE WORLD DID THIS LADY JUST INJECT IN MY ARM!!! New and improved my butt!  I can not even explain fully on how it feels other than giving a description of this:  bee stings all over my arm while my arm is on fire down to my wrist and I have road rash and someone is pouring salt all over it!  Not to mention this does not just last for a few minutes and it goes away, it probably lasted a good hour or so! THATS NOT THE WORST OF IT ( well for me anyway) a few hours later I ended up having flu symptoms chills, achy, tired and a massive headache!  The initial injection is fine you do not feel the needle at all, but that dang oil of medication was the most awful pain I have experience with an injection.

“…bee stings all over my arm, while my arm is on fire down to my wrist…”

Than, I am supposed to do this every week up until 36 weeks! Here is the kicker, my husband is the one that gets to administer the injection every week.  Im sure he is so excited but I sure as heck not.

You guys, I don’t know who was in the lab trying to create a better solution to help pregnant women with there progesterone injections but its pretty clear they did not test it on each other. So hopefully whomever is reading this blog will be prepared and I hope you have better experiences than I did.  If you are part of creating this ” new and improved option”  please go back to the drawing board to figure out how your going to change this.

Good luck to all you strong mommas out there that are experiencing this journey!


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