The Amazing Journey of GTC 2019

I cried, laughed and was inspired on a level that I did not think was possible.

The Global Training in Vegas was a weekend that I will always cherish and value. Being of mom of 4 soon to be 5 Anthony and I have never been away from our children.  However, we definitely took advantage of why we were attending and we knew we needed this 3 day training to continue to build our legacy for our kids. It was not easy to be away but it was just a part of our growth. Let me tell you how the weekend went!

Upon arrival we got started right away! We were able to meet up with our amazing Nation and had dinner in the amazing suite at the MGM Grand Hotel! The excitement we all had just to be there and to of course all be together.  They hype and the momentum was unreal.  Mind you guys, this is our first GTC and we had no idea what to expect. After just bonding with our team, we all went down to the Garden Arena for product launch, I was not expecting what was to come.  Every year Arbonne creates amazing new products that never let us down and this is the time that we as consultants get to hear first hand on the new items! Anthony and I walked in and were shocked on how many people were there! 18,000 consultants from all around the world had filled up the entire arena, NO JOKE ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! The DJ was poppin and everyone was just so excited, everyone was dancing having some drinks enjoying every moment of the first night of new products.  So the first product they launched was the new mascara! HAHAH all I remember is Anthony saying…” um I have never heard so many women scream so loud for mascara!”  Okay babe if you only knew how women live for mascara and how we are looking for that perfect lengthening, non clumpy non toxic mascara you would than understand why we were all screaming! All 16 new products were unreal and just always amazed on what our company can do.  It is so humbling to be a part of such a great company.

After product launch our team being so excited of what we just learned all rushed back up to our rooms to share with everyone possible haha it was a rat race I can remember just not having enough internet.  MGM could not hang with the hard working ladies were trying to do business it was just that good!

That set the tone for the rest of the weekend with the most motivational speakers from some of our top leaders to the hilarious Rita Davenport to the amazing Rachel Hollis.  There would be lots of laughter to the arena filled with a few men and a bunch of women sniffling with tears rolling down there face. I truly do not think there was a dry eye in that arena.

Being able to spend the weekend with not only my best friend but the best team there is has fulfilled my heart and soul.  I did not think going to an event such as this would impact me the way that it has.  I came into this weekend not realizing I was going to be moved and uplifted.  In addition I always have believed in myself, however, I did have some fears and reservations about what was possible with starting this business.  This weekend could not have come at a better time in my business because I have been able to see the impossible become possible from grand awards to hearing the most successful men and women talk about there path and how the only thing that makes them different from me and any other person that sat in the arena is one thing.  THEY NEVER GAVE UP.

I am looking forward to this next year and what it has in store for me and my family.  The journey we will be creating and the legacy we will leave behind for our kids.



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