10 Day Tune Up and Body Cleanse!

summer is coming

Summer is around the corner!

I can not believe how fast time is going this year.  We are approaching Easter, soon Memorial Day and before you know it Summer Time.  I know all you ladies and gents are planning laying down on the sand enjoying a nice cocktail! Yet possibly looking down wondering ahh crap I am not beach body ready! Time is a ticking away guys we need to get back into shape as soon as possible.

Most of us do not have all the time in the world to hit the gym hardcore, or have a really hard time following a “diet plan.” Well let me say look no further!  I am starting a 10 day Jump Start Tune Up and Cleanse! This will allow you to get your body back into not only looking good but feeling good.  I am sure you are wondering is this another diet quick fix, or do I have to drink liquid for 10 days.  ABSOLUTELY NOT lets start by saying this is not a FAD DIET!!! My goal for you in the 10 days is to experience how to eat clean in the interim of eating clean, cleansing your body with from all the toxins.

“Dieting. Calorie cutting results in fat loss increasing toxic density and this results in rebounding. As a toxic overload trigger’s the body’s need to create fat, weight is regained.”

eating cleanWhat actually is clean eating?  Clean eating is a way of introducing whole organic foods into your diet.  We eliminate toxic foods that have sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners, canola oil basically anything that is harming your body we ELIMINATE IT!

We will than introduce and maintain by implementing products into your routing that will help cleanse your body! We start by using our amazing protein powder! This protein powder by far is the best tasting, non chalky protein powder there is.  Not to mention its 20 grams of vegan pea, cranberry, and rice protein and 20 vitamins and minerals to increase nutrients.  You will get an option of vanilla and or chocolate! This is a complete meal replacement whether its your breakfast, lunch or dinner your choice.  I recommend starting your day with your protein shake this way you can add in your digestion plus.  We really focus on our gut health.  If you are not aware 70% of your immune system is held in your gut!  If you do not have a healthy gut than the chances of you feeling great are pretty slim! The digestion plus is exactly what you need which is your prebiotic, probiotic and enzyme this is going to improve your immunity, the health of your digestive track and help you digest your food! You can than enjoy detox tea which is great to have either hot and or cold! This will help with support your elimination organs and those toxins regulating your cholesterol and blood sugar.  Finalize your 10 day cleanse with implementing a 7 day body cleanse!! Lemon ginger that tastes like lemonade. Now this is not your average body cleanse that you fear walking away from that toilet! This is a gentle cleanse that will eliminate those last toxins of heavy metals.

“70% of your immunity is held in your gut!”

So what do we exactly eat?  You can eat pretty much anything you would like in a different fashion. For example for all my carb lovers out there, YES WE STILL GET TO HAVE CARBS!! A better version, instead of regular white pasta or rice we will change out to brown rice pasta, brown rice or quinoa.  You can still have fruit!!! Strawberries, blueberries, green apples!! You can still have your MEAT! Of course we like to avoid having so much red meats however lets go with grass fed beef which is a better option for you.

“Cellular cleansing removes toxins from the body, creates lean muscle, and melts away excess fat. Maintaining nutritional balance keeps the body naturally lean while cleansing manages toxins.”

All in all this program is to guide you and teach you how to live a lifestyle! Most believe if i lose weight than I am healthy!! WRONG!!!! Your actually more toxic when you lose the weight because you no longer have those fat cells to surround those toxins from harming your internal organs.  So sure yes during regular fad diets you lose weight and you might look great, however how do you feel?!  Are you still having stomach issues, are you low on energy are you starving your self, possibly MOODY!!  This program not only makes you look good you actually feel good! If you get healthy than the weight takes care of it self.  Stay away from FAD DIETS your body will rebound and gain the weight back if you do not keep up or maintain and again I can not stress enough about how unhealthy you are internally!

Here are some common signs of toxic overload: Acid reflux, brain fog, anxiety, depression, join pain, diabetes, weight gain, inflammation the list is huge and I can go on and on but most likely if you are feeling a certain way negatively there is a good change your have too much toxins in your body.

I am here to help and guide you through this 10 days to not only look good but feel good! Let’s get a jump start to your summer beach body!



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